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E-Textbooks at Atkins Library

Atkins Library is proud to provide to our students with a limited number of etextbooks and supplemental readings for the Spring 2017 semester. We are pleased to be able to make available the ebooks below for the Fall semester. Please review the drop down list or browse the title list to see if a title assigned to your class is available. Please be sure to consult your professor about using the ebooks provided.

ABCs of Classroom Management
ISBN: 9780415841719

A First Course in Finite Elements
ISBN: 9780470035801

Age of Sustainable Development
ISBN: 9780231173148

Andrew Jackson, Southerner
ISBN: 9780807162316

Antiracism in Cuba
ISBN: 9781469626727

Artificial Cognitive Systems
ISBN: 9780262028387

Basics of Game Design
ISBN: 9781568814339

Beginning Blender
ISBN: 9781430231264

Black Sexual Politics
ISBN: 9780415951500

Brazil through French Eyes
ISBN: 9780826337450

Breaking the Backcountry
ISBN: 9780822958659

Clean Coal Engineering Technology
ISBN: 9781856177108

Clockwork Game Design
ISBN: 9781315756516

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
ISBN: 9780415743365

Computer Security
ISBN: 9783540446019

Creating the Land of the Skey
ISBN: 9780817314620

Dien Cai Dau
ISBN: 9780819511645

Discovering Knowledge in Data
ISBN: 9780470908747

Ecological Restoration
ISBN: 9781610911689

Engineering Electromagnetics
ISBN: 9783319078052

Engineering Optics
ISBN: 9780387757230

Environment and Citizenship
ISBN: 9780415637800

Environment and Citizenship
ISBN: 9780415637794

Ethics in Total Confinement
ISBN: 9780195372212

Existential Therapy
ISBN: 9780415644426

Fundraising for Social Change
ISBN: 9780470887172

Game Design Theory
ISBN: 9781466554207

General Theory Of Magic
ISBN: 9780415253963

Gestalt Therapy
ISBN: 9780415552943

Global Public Relations
ISBN: 9780415448154

Golem at Large(CANTO ED.)
ISBN: 9781107688285

I am One of You Forever
ISBN: 9780807114100

Inequality in School Discipline
ISBN: 9781137512567

Java Programming for Engineers
ISBN: 9780849308109

Language Across Difference
ISBN: 9780521193375

ISBN: 9780820345550

Marching Dynamics
ISBN: 9780387096445

Materials Characterization
ISBN: 9783527334636

Moveable Feast
ISBN: 9781107657458

Music Education in Your Hands
ISBN: 9780415800907

ISBN: 9780387755762

Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry
ISBN: 9780470222706

Next Generation Infrastructure
ISBN: 9781610911818

Next Generation Infrastructure
ISBN: 9781597264709

Observing the User Experience
ISBN: 9780123848697

Political Classroom
ISBN: 9780415880992

Psychology for Musicians
ISBN: 9780195146103

Public Relations Writing Worktext
ISBN: 9780415997546

ISBN: 9780816631650

Religion and the Racist Right
ISBN: 9780807846384

ISBN: 9780415314374

Sexualities in History
ISBN: 9780415929356

Solution Focused Brief Therapy
ISBN: 9780415606134

Statistical Mechanics
ISBN: 9780123821881

Stress and Your Health
ISBN: 9781118850282

Subdoing Satan
ISBN: 9780807844298

Tales from the Haunted South
ISBN: 9781469626338

The Art of Teaching Science
ISBN: 9780415965286

Thinking French Translation
ISBN: 9780415255226

Translating Childhoods
ISBN: 9780813545233

Understanding White Privilege
ISBN: 9780415874274

Unified Discourse Analysis
ISBN: 9781138774520

Unsettled Belonging
ISBN: 9780226289465

Urban Sociology Reader
ISBN: 9780415665315

Utilitarianism; for and against
ISBN: 9780521098229

Waste into Weapons
ISBN: 9781107492097

Will of a People
ISBN: 9780809330577

World History: The Basics
ISBN: 9780415582759