E-Textbooks at Atkins Library

Course Adoption eBooks Database FAQ:

  1. What is the Course Adoption eBooks Database?

    The database is a compilation of eBooks that the library owns or can purchase for our eBook collection to support your classes (at no additional cost to the students). All titles in this database are or can be made available to the entire campus with unlimited simultaneous users, without Digital Rights Management (DRM) or proprietary software.

  2. How can I search the database?

    You can search the database for a specific book by title, ISBN, or author. Limited topic searching is available, using a keyword search of the title field and the general subject categories assigned by the publishers.

  3. Why is the book I want not available?

    Some books are not available in eBook format, and others are not available to libraries in eBook format (even if individuals can buy them for personal use). The library is committed to only purchasing eBooks that are available with unlimited campus access, without restrictive DRM or proprietary software required, and with rights to archive the book for perpetual access. Many publishers-especially of traditional textbooks-are not willing or able to sell eBooks that meet these requirements.

  4. How can my students read an eBook I adopt for my course?

    The eBooks in Atkins Library's collection are available in PDF format and therefore can be accessed on a variety of devices (including e-readers such as the Kindle and Nook, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers). There is no proprietary software required to access these eBooks.

  5. How do I let the library know if I find a book I would like to assign to my class?

    Each entry for a book in the database will include a green button that says "Use This" if the library already owns the eBook or a yellow button that says "Request This" if the library does not yet own the title. If you would like to adopt the eBook for your class, click the button and you will be asked to log in with your NinerNet credentials. From there you will enter the following information:

    1. The edition of the book required
    2. Your name
    3. Your email address
    4. Course number(s) to be assigned
    5. Semester of expected use
    6. If you will be requesting the title at the bookstore as well (you will still need to adopt the book in their system separately)
    7. Any additional notes or special instructions

    Once you submit the form you will receive an email confirmation letting you know the library has received your request. For eBooks already owned by Atkins Library, you will be provided with a stable URL that can be added to your syllabus or placed in Moodle to give your students access to the eBook both on and off campus. For purchase requests, we will contact you again with this information when the purchase is complete and the book is available for use.

  6. When will the eBook be available?

    If the library already owns and has access to the eBook, it will be available immediately. If the eBook needs to be purchased, it will be available in time for Fall 2014 classes (if you will need it for Summer session 2014, we will expedite the purchase for you). Once access is available the library will send you instructions on how to access the eBook. It will also be made available on the library's Course Adopted Titles webpage, where students can access books by class.

  7. If a book is not found in the database, can I still request it?

    If a book is not included in the database, the library will most likely not be able to purchase the title as an eBook for class adoption. Hard copy titles can be purchased for Course Reserves by request.

  8. Is there a maximum number of eBooks I can request?

    No, you can request as many eBooks as you feel are relevant to your class(es).

  9. If I request a book, does it need to be assigned to a class?

    Yes. For this particular project, we are requesting that books be assigned to at least one class.

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